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Who We Are

CRELITA ( Creative Learning and Innovation for all ) is an educational technology company established in Rwanda with the aim of supporting the entire education system (government, private sector) through efficient use of different emerging technologies. CRELITA Ltd provides high quality services in Online learning (E-learning) platform deployment, Multimedia based learning material development, Tele education systems, Online Data collection systems, consultancy and training in education technology, Educational Mobile apps development, delivery of educational technology equipment and other services related to innovative education.

What We Do

Virtual Learning Platforms

With increasing need of continuous and in service training, CRELITA ltd offers:

  • E-learning platform design, installation and customization
  • E-learning platform Hosting and support
  • E-learning training and consulting
  •  E-learning platform integration with other educational solutions / plugins CRELITA is specialized with the most popular E-learning platforms namely Moodle, Dokeos, Sakai

Educational Mobile Applications

The number of people with smart phone is tremendously increasing on both developed and developing countries. However, the use or added values of those phones are different from countries where Mobile applications development is advanced compared to the countries where a smart phone is only used for communication. CRELITA is taking the lead in creating educational applications contextualized in Rwandan and African context.

Training ( Online and face to face)  

Being a provider of E-learning solutions, CRELITA is also a practitioner of Online education. Through its E-learning platform accessible CRELITA  will provide online short courses which range from cooking to Software Engineering, from simple saving techniques to econometrics. Courses will be developed in collaboration with different specialists in subject matters. The motto of the online short course platform is to “make more and better MEs”. CRELITA  adopts both full E-learning and blended learning; this means that some face-to-face sessions are included to ensure efficient learning. Individual training will also be organized on demand. 

Educational games 

The 21st century is characterized by e-revolutions in almost all levels and electronic devices are being spread tremendously. The excitement of young generation in electronic games is a very good opportunity for educators to introduce games that aims at achieving specific learning objectives. Educational games are ones designed to teach people about certain subjects, expand concepts, reinforce development, and understand a historical event or culture while gaming Educational games aim at assisting kids in learning as they play. CRELITA ltd is currently focusing on:

  • English Learning games
  • Counting games
  •  Math games
  •  Life skills
  •  Personal finance intelligence
  •  Leadership skills


CRELITA provides consultancy services related but not limited to: 

  • Effective ICT integration in existing educational systems
  • Conception of Online learning solutions
  • New educational solutions integrations
  •  Educational system migration
  •  E-learning solutions evaluation and Audit

Instructional Videos/ Simulations/ Tutorials

Educational videos and simulations are revolutionizing the way human beings learn through their capacity to personalize learning. This, by allowing human beings to learn from anywhere, anytime, from any video playing device and with the ability to repeat the lessons as many times as they wish. Our Educational technologists are specialized in designing and developing different sorts of customer tailored educational videos and simulations in the format of:

  • Software tutorials
  • Different subject demonstration videos
  •  How to videos
  •  Language learning videos
  •  Behavior change videos
  •  Practice simulations

ICT 4 Kids

In collaboration with Schools and other Learning institutions, CRELITA will be organizing holiday camps which aim at building a generation of Rwandan and African geeks. Creating the Rwandan Silicon Valley

Online Library / E-journals

To increase access and usability of books, articles, magazines and other useful documents; the world trend is to use soft copies and limit the print outs. CRELITA provides services of building online libraries / document repository and online journals to educational institutions, government and private institutions willing to share freely or on a cost a large number of documents to the rest of the world. 

Tele-conference / Tele-education 

For the sake of breaking geographic barriers, cutting down transport fees for conference or learning sessions of participants from distant places. CRELITA provides a sustainable installation and support to institutions willing to communicate with the world through internet based video communication. CRELITA is specialized in the most popular videos conference systems / solutions namely Big Blue button, Illuminate, Polycom, Google Hangout. CRELITA provides services related to live streaming of conference sessions such educational of conference sessions on demand. 

Delivery of Edutech equipment and systems  

A number of sophisticated and intelligently designed equipment have proven their efficiency in improving learning environment. Believing in the philosophy of not reinventing the wheel, CRELITA collaborates with the most successful edutech companies and delivers their products to customers without complications. Those products are for example Smart boards, turnitin,etc. 


Africa and other developing countries faces a big challenge of lacking well equipped labs, since there are a very huge number of young talented students who have the capacity to learn high level scientific skills but do not have financial means to go to Europe and US to practice . CRELITA contributes in bridging that gap by providing the possibility of practicing different labs techniques in virtual mode, these are what we have called E-labs. We shall collaborate with international E-labs builder from South Korea, Germany and US

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